2015 PTC Classic Results

2015 PTC Classic Results

The tentative 2015 Peachtree City Classic race results are available here.

  • Most results issues have been resolved as of 10/23/15.
  • If you have questions or spot an issue with the 2015 results, please email us at ptcrcresults@gmail.com
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PTC Classic Shirt Unveiled!

PTC Classic Shirt Unveiled!

Participate in the 2015 Peachtree City Classic for one of these great 35th Anniversary Shirts!  For more information, click here.

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Upcoming Club Events, February through May


If you are a new member who has joined the club within the last year, we are having a new member breakfast especially for YOU. Club members Ray and Teri Besch have graciously agreed to host the event at their home at 105 Parsons Place in Peachtree City. A link to the map is below. You can also call them at 770-487-9215 if you need directions.

You don’t need to bring anything except a healthy appetite. Club members will provide all the fixin’s. We’ll begin with a Grand Prix Run at 8 AM.  It will be a run/walk for time event.

We’ll then enjoy breakfast provided by club members. And you don’t even have to run if you don’t want to. You can just show up and have breakfast!! If you are not yet a member, but have been considering it, this is your chance to check us out up close and personal.


We meet at 7:30 PM at the Peachtree City Hotel and Conference Center.  We’ll be voting on the budget for the year.


We meet at 7:30 PM at the Peachtree City Hotel and Conference Center.

Guest speaker will be Margie Ellison:

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I moved to Peachtree City earlier in the fall to continue my career in the coaching industry. At the moment, I work with the PTC Rowing Club. In addition to that, I run my own coaching business on the side.

I work with a wide variety of athletes on their training and nutrition. I’ve worked with marathoners, ultra marathoners, triathletes, cyclists, strength athletes, general population, and others.

I offer various services such as race preparation for both training and nutrition, strength training on off season, online coaching, and in person training, along with other services.

I wanted to reach out to see if any members of the PTC Running Club would be interested in the services I offer.

You can find more info on my website: https://ironstrokes.com/

And more info on the services I offer: https://ironstrokes.com/services/


Start off your St Patrick’s Day with a Two-Person Team Run!  This is a perfect opportunity get a friend out for some fun!  You pick/bring your own partner or team up with someone that morning.  One start/finish, two participants, two different directions.  Each partner takes a different direction from the start/finish.  Try to be the team that gets back to the start/finish closest to the same time.  Amount of time out on the course will be determined by the event director that morning.


It’s Spring Break and time to enjoy the great outdoors in Georgia. We meet at 7 PM on the outdoor patio at Partner’s Pizza on Hwy 54 for an abbreviated business meeting. (There will be no speaker this month.)  Optional Fun Run starts at 6 PM from the same location and goes rain or shine. The run is about 4 miles, and the course is available here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5863096.  It’s a great opportunity to get some exercise, recharge with plenty of good tasting pasta, and relax with your running buddies!


Pick a Point.  We start at 8 AM at the Peachtree Boat Dock.  There will be three different points – only one is correct.  Participants choose which point they believe is the correct one and get there and back as fast as possible.  Didn’t get the right one?  Head for the next one!  First one back from the correct point with the evidence to prove it wins!


Consistency Run.  We start at Peeples Elementary School at 8 AM.  Participants attempt to run the same time out to a point and the same time back. Closest spread wins!


We meet at 7:30 PM at the Peachtree City Hotel and Conference Center.




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2016 Summer Track Series!

2016 Summer Track Series!

The 2016 Summer Track Series schedule is now posted.  It will be held  each Wednesday night in June and early July 2016! Click here for more information on this great FREE event.

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Final PTC Rotary Elementary Grand Prix Results (2014/2015)

Final PTC Rotary Elementary Grand Prix Results (2014/2015)

Here are the FINAL results for the PTC Rotary Elementary Grand Prix as of 5/15/15 updated through the 2015 Crabapple Elementary 5K. Please note that the Cleveland Elementary 5K was cancelled due to inclement weather, so no points were awarded for that race.

Click here for the final 2014-2015 standings (finalized on 5/15/2015).

The 2015 Annual Awards luncheon for the Rotary Elementary School Grand Prix will be held on Thursday, May 28th, at 12:00 noon, at the Wyndham Hotel and Conference Center in Peachtree City. All participants who finished in the top three in each age group, as recorded on the Peachtree City Running Club website, are invited to attend. The luncheon is free of charge to all runners who finished in the top three and for awardees age 16 and under, one parent is also admitted at no charge. Additional parents or guests are $15 per person.

Each age group winner will receive a customized plaque with the individual runner’s photo on the plaque. Members of the press normally attend so a group photo will usually appear in local papers. The Rotary Elementary School Grand Prix is a series of 16 races spread over the entire school year, with each race serving as a fund raiser for the individual school hosting the race. The series is a joint project of the Peachtree City Running Club and the Rotary Club of Peachtree City. If you have not had your photo already taken please contact George Martin.

For those winners who are unable to attend, an alternate awards ceremony will be held at the regular monthly meeting of the Peachtree City Running Club at 7:00 PM, on June 4th, at the Dolce Conference Center in Peachtree City. No meal is served but any winners who cannot attend the May 28th ceremony are encouraged to attend to receive their award and receive their proper recognition. For more information please contact George Martin at r2sun98@mindspring.com

George Martin
Series Coordinator

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