2024 Summer Track Series


Presents the 2024 SUMMER TRACK SERIES

For runners of all ages and abilities


WHERE: Peachtree City Track at Riley Field adjacent to Peachtree City Elementary School on Wisdom Road.

WHEN: Wednesday evenings on June 5, 12, 19, 26. Championship meets, July 10th & 11th.
Registration starts at 6PM. First event starts at 6:30PM.

ENTRY FEE: Runners FREE. Spectators FREE.

EVENTS: 50 yard dash (10 and under), 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter dash, 800 meter run, 1 Mile run, 3200 meter run, 5K run, 400 & 1600 meter relays. NO FIELD EVENTS.

GROUPINGS: REGULAR WEEKLY MEETS: Events will be run in various heats based on # of runners.

CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES: Events will be run in heats based on age groups and sex.

AWARDS: Presented for Championship Series Meets Only.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL: Mark Hamilton at (404) 345-9708.
Volunteers are appreciated and needed!


6:00 PM Registration Opens
6:30 PM 800 Meter Run
6:45 PM 50 Yard Dash (10 and under)
100 Meter Dash on June 5th, 19th; 200 Meter Dash on June 12th, 26th
7:00 PM 1 Mile Run
7:15 PM Parent/Child Relay (Child runs 400, then parent runs 400)
7:30 PM 400 Meter Dash (run in lanes)
8:00 PM 4×100 Relay on June 5th, 19th; 4×400 Relay on June 12th, 26th
8:30 PM 3200 Meter Run on June 5th, 19th; 5K Run on June 12th, 26th
9:00 PM Pizza at Partners! (Not a Club sponsored event.)



Wednesday, July 10th
6:00 PM Registration Opens
6:30 PM 100 Meter Dash
7:00 PM 800 Meter Run
7:45 PM 200 Meter Dash
8:15 PM 5K Run

Thursday, July 11th
6:00 PM Registration Opens
6:30 PM 1 Mile Run
7:15 PM 50 Yard Dash (10 & under)
7:45 PM 400 Meter Dash (run in lanes)
8:15 PM 3200 meter run

NOTE: Rain date for the Championship Series Meet will be Thursday, July 11th.


Above schedule is approximate. We will attempt to start all events early, except for the 800-meter run. All competition weekly meets will be run in heats. All heats will stress safety and quick times by being limited in number. Track surface is rubberized and soft. All timing is done by electronic equipment.